• Not by Fire but by Ice eBook Edition
Not by Fire but by Ice
New eBook Edition

If you’ve already read Not by Fire but by Ice, then you will want this eBook edition. If you haven’t already read it, well, this is your chance.

   In this edition you will find lots of new information that has surfaced since the print version came out. You will also find links to the sources of that knowledge.

   As an added bonus, you will find a completely new chapter providing evidence that we are entering an ice age. Not a millennia from today, not a century from today, but right now.

   As an example of “new information,” twenty years ago scientists thought Earth’s magnetic field intensity was dropping at the rate of 5% per century. But in 2014, the European Space Agency announced that our magnetic field is weakening at the rate of 5% per decadeten times faster than thought. You need to know this because it could be deadly important.

   Another example of new information concerns magnetic reversals. You will find proof that magnetic reversals can occur almost overnight (geologically speaking).

   You will learn of explosive new studies describing the role of underwater volcanoes in the Arctic Ocean.

   You will see maps showing the incredible amount of land – in one case the size of a continent – that stood above water during the last ice age. (Because sea levels were 400 feet lower than today.)

   And you will find more emphasis on the sunspot cycle. You will be introduced to many highly credentialed scientists, more than you’ve been lead to believe, who insist that today’s low sunspot count is driving us into a new Little Ice Age, right now.

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Not by Fire but by Ice eBook Edition

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