• Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps

Forget Darwin’s theory of slow, stately, orderly evolution. Robert W. Felix presents riveting proof that evolution takes giant leaps in sync with magnetic reversals (times when compasses would have pointed south rather than north).

In this fast-paced well-written book you will learn how geomagnetic reversals trigger evolutionary leaps, you will learn that those leaps recur according to a predictable, natural cycle, and you will learn that the next beat of that reversal cycle is due.

“Truly stunning…Never again will the reader be able to claim ignorance in matters of where we came from and how it all started. Move over Darwin.”
 Hans Schreuder, analytical chemist (ret)

“Wow! A Terrific Book…like a nuclear explosion, Felix blasts previous theories of dinosaur extinctions and other aspects of life on Earth to break through to an astonishing truth.”
Alan Caruba, member of National Assn of Science Writers

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps

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